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New Flame Red Metallic Featherweight on Ebay

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Just finished uploading all the pictures and videos of Lin's newest machine onto ebay. It's his latest creation! Flame red Metallic 1937.  This is first time we've done videos of the machine turning and put some music to it.  I'm learning all about this ebay stuff! Now to get some sewing done so I can put some of my creations on here also! 

How to begin?

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have wanted to start a blog for several years and have tried a few different sites.  But all are cumbersome or I forget my blog address and password! Don't laugh, I know you do this too.  So my daughter has it all combined into one site! Website, our sewing store, husband's sewing machines, my quilting AND my blog!!  Yeah!! And the best part is, it is connected to my facebook Nana's Sewing Shoppe, so I can upload pictures from there into our ebay site when we are selling a new Featherweight machine.   So, what have I been doing? As you can see below, this week I was making a few small purses.  Trying out a new pattern.  I love this pattern, so easy to make, think I had it cut out and made in less than an hour.  It's a great size to put a few dollars in to run to the store, or for snacks in the car.  You could make the lining out of vinyl, make it a bit larger and it would be a great lunch bag.  Think I may make a few to put on the front page on the store, what do you think? The picture needs to be taken outside as it doesn't really show up hanging on the door.  I will redo that and put it on the front page. 


Alaska Bound

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Packing for Alaska, we're getting the last minute items on board in the RV.  Lots of food prepared for the trip, I make meals ahead of time, freeze and we can travel or sight see all day then have a meal done when we decide to bed down for the night. 

 Minimal clothes as we have a washer/dryer on board, so I don't plan for but a few outfits along the way.  The majority is sewing projects for me!! I have several quilts cut out now and more projects to do if we take a few days to unwind.  I really enjoy just sitting in one place for a few days, maybe sightsee a few hours in the morning, then come back to enjoy the RV in the afternoon.  I'll set up my purple sewing machine and sew away for a few hours!  I did finish a few quilts while at home, just have the hand work on the bindings to do while traveling.  If someone wants to see my quilting, I will have them with us to show.  May get a few orders that way.  The projects are also for sale, zipper bags and bowl koozies as well as a few vinyle bags for finished quilt blocks.